STAND Up! Textile & Clothing Eco-Innovation

This is a video-summary of the STAND Up! project activities from the perspective of our Lebanese partner: Berytech.

Berytech began by building the capacity of 22 teams in Lebanon over a 2-month online phase. This phase provided entrepreneurs with knowledge in green business models, access to markets, access to finance, and pitching training. Three projects were selected to continue to the next 7-month incubation phase.

The program also initiated two activities: Access to Finance and Access to Markets. In the former, 10 teams were selected to build their financial projections and enhance their investment readiness, while in the latter, six ventures were chosen to receive Soft-landing vouchers in Europe while 17 startups in the Mediterranean were supported by Marketing Services vouchers to develop their digital visibility and branding.

The Open Innovation challenge collaborated with three companies—La Brocante, SKAFF, and Ahla Fawda—to provide 4 Eco-Innovation vouchers of EUR 20,000 each. These vouchers were awarded to 4 early and growth stage ventures in the clothing and textile sector to facilitate technical assistance, testing, and development of their ideas and solutions for the presented challenges.