STAND Up! supported Asphaltex, the innovation made of textile rags paving a cycle path in Italy


In mid-July 2023, the first application of Asphaltex has been completed. This innovative product made in Prato, Italy developed by Wastex Engineering start-up, selected in 2022 as the best solution to the challenge launched on The Switchers Open Eco-Innovation platform by The Municipality of Prato for a more sustainable reuse of the huge amount of textile waste produced within the Prato textile district.

It concerns the new scope of thousands of garments that were destined for landfill, because they were impossible to sort and separate, and were instead used to make the bituminous conglomerate with which part of the cycle path in the metropolitan area between Prato and Florence, Tuscany, was paved. As the name suggests, it comes from the recycling of textile material that becomes useful to society and now becomes an integral part of the urban landscape.

In total, around half-mile of this special asphalt was laid on the completed section of cycle path. To produce it, 1,000 kg of textile waste was used, approximately 1 kg per square metre, which corresponds to approximately 2,500 garments.

An innovative solution that could also be completed thanks to the support of the STAND Up! project and the eco-innovation voucher up to 18.000 euro worth, delivered under the coordination of the Prato Textile Museum as project local partner, with which Wastex increased its research, testing and product trial activities to arrive at the concrete result of the application and its final use in the service of the community, closing the cycle of circularity.

"We came up with the idea of using textile waste as, thanks to the industrial process developed by Wastex, it is able to replace the fibres used until now. After numerous trials and tests also cariied out with the STAND Up! support, we were able to certify this material and win a public contract. The performance is, in fact, excellent and at the end of its life cycle this special asphalt can be recycled" the comment of the Wastex team.