STAND Up! project joins Sweden-Lebanon Sustainable Fashion Event

STAND Up! will join the Sweden-Lebanon Fashion Event, which will take place on Saturday 26 March 2022 at FabricAID Headquarter in the Industral area of Mkalles (Mansourieh). The event will bring a full day of networking, talks, food, live music and clothes swap between participants.

Clothes for swapping need to be fresh, clean and in good conditions. For each garment that participants leave they will get a new similar one for free. The event will run from 10am until 17.00pm. Krystel Khalil, Director in the Projects Lab Department at Berytech will join the Panel 2 named “Reusing textiles: on material and cultural wear and tear”.

In this session, the representative from our Lebanese partner will be able to introduce the work done by STAND Up! project and also start-ups trained and incubated thanks to us will have the opportunity to showcase their work, products and ideas. In the Panel 1, named “Make fashion more sustainable – commit to ending textile waste”, Maya Karkour, who is an Environmental & Circular Economy Specialist and the Founder of EcoConsulting, will join.

Maya Karkour leaded the training sessions held in Lebanon for 22 textile and fashion start-ups. For checking the rest of the agenda, you can check the following link.

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