STAND Up!: the Prato Textile Museum Foundation is looking for trainers in Italy

Prato Textile Museum Foundation

Italian partner Prato Textile Museum Foundation, within the STAND Up! project and its Growing Innovation Program, is looking for an external expert to organize and lead an high-level training program addressed to eco-innovative ideas, prototypes and projects in the textile and clothing sector, which will take place in Italy next April and May 2021.

The high-level training will be delivered to 40 young innovators, entrepreneurs and start-uppers selected through a dedicated thematic call, aiming at giving them support and professional tools in the transition from their project idea to a validated green business model in the fashion and textile sector. The selected trainer will also help them in identifying the methods of access to the market and the financial requirements for the sustainability of the project.

The training should be structured according to the methodology, contents and model of the Green Business Model Training developed within the SwitchMed program and shared by the STAND Up! project. In addition, it should be delivered through specific tools and the available online platform.

The selected trainer will be also requested, in collaboration with the Prato Textile Museum Foundation, to integrate the coaching path by complementary suggestions through the identification of international, European and national green entrepreneurial experiences, such as eco-innovative, circular textile and fashion case studies and business models. STAND Up! which gives support to young and women entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean, is an EU-funded project under the ENI CBC MED programme.

All the services required as well as the application conditions are detailed in the terms of reference (Italian text) available here.

The deadline for submitting applications is Friday the 2nd of April 2021.