STAND Up!: Moebeus wins the open innovation challenge on the traceability process of the Made in Italy value chain in Italy.


It is developed in Tuscany the ideal solution to FiBartHome's goal of tracking its sustainability and its 'Made in Italy' value chain for an effective commercial positioning in the recycled and biodegradable furnishing textiles market, issued in November on The Switchers Open Eco-Innovation platform.

The Italian textile company was seeking support to validate its sustainable production at an international level, enhancing its ethical commitment to new products and collections and the Moebeus start-up responded to the challenge by presenting its sustainability consulting service combined with a digital ecosystem, consisting of smart analytics, and blockchain, to create an innovative data-driven digital storytelling format capable of enhancing the corporate sustainability data.

The proposed solution involves, on the one hand, using the BeCircular tool to perform the company's sustainability analysis and, on the other hand, using blockchain to authenticate the company's commitment and its value supply chain. The start-up developed the BeCircular tool in collaboration with the Department of Information Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Siena, with which Moebeus has an active partnership. The software uses mathematical models based on multicriteria analysis methodologies for decision support.

The innovation lies in the integration of Moebeus technology with blockchain to build a digital ecosystem for consumer empowerment. Each dataset, collected, analyzed, and stored in blockchain will strengthen corporate reputation and brand image as it allows customers and stakeholders to verify the authenticity of what the company communicates and promotes with its positioning project.

The technology proposed and developed is based on solutions designed to meet environmental sustainability criteria. The application of the proposed solution will have an indirect impact on the environment as will provide the company with new elements on which to build strategic planning of sustainable processes and circular business models. This promotes the reduction of environmental impact of business processes over time.

Following selection as the best solution to the proposed eco-innovative challenge, the start-up is awarded with the €18,000 vouchers scheme that will be used to develop the idea and implement it to achieve the goals set with the FiBart Home textile company.