STAND Up!: Call for tenders open for copy-writers and content developers in Italy!


The Italian partner of STAND Up!, the Prato Textile Museum, is looking for an external copywriter/content developer in Italy with the aim of supporting the Museum staff in the collection of all deliverables and materials needed for the capitalisation of project’s results and their optimisation. The external expert will also support on the production of the related outputs useful for the implementation of the project's capitalization strategy among the different stakeholders and target groups.

The selected candidate will have to guarantee attendance at all coordination and planning meetings with Prato Textile Museum. In addition, if necessary, the candidate shall be available for travel in Italy and in all involved partners territories in connection with events planned in the development of the STAND Up! capitalisation strategy.

For all detailed information and documents please consult the Terms Of Reference and download the related Annex in this link. Documents and proposals must be sent by 12.00 CET, October 21st, 2022, at the latest, via certified e-mail to with the subject: “Application copywriter/developer of content”.

Important note: Advanced knowledge of English is required, according to the Common European Framework of Reference Framework of Languages (at least C1 or Mother Tongue).