STAND Up!: Call for Marketing Agencies to deliver visibility services for textile and fashion start-ups!



Berytech, the Lebanese partner of STAND Up! within the activities of the textile soft-landing voucher scheme, has opened a Call for Marketing Agencies with the aim of identifying an agency capable of providing digital marketing, brand awareness and visibility services to 22 start-ups selected in Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Spain and Italy to access the opportunity to grow their businesses and access regional and Mediterranean markets, developing business relationships and connections with potential investors and stakeholders.

In order to support the participating ventures, the selected agency should assist young entrepreneurs in strengthening the branding system of their start-up, including a careful brand value proposition, a study for effective brand positioning and personality as well as the analysis of the ventures corporate identity on social media and the logo design potential, carefully related to specific Mediterranean business the start-up wants to get involved with.

In terms of digital marketing, the agency will also have to conceptualise a suitable content marketing strategy involving any social channels with a dedicated strategy that emphasises the most appropriate tools (video/blog/reel). It will also have to boost appropriate adverts to the market that the start-up intends to approach.

The criteria by which proposals will be evaluated are mainly proven experience in the sector validated by an excellent portfolio of national and international companies and the willingness to handle the demanding timetable with the ability to customise services according to the needs of each start-up.

Documents and proposals must be sent to by June 17th, 2022, at the latest, with the subject: “Calling for marketing agencies to provide visibility and branding services for startups from Lebanon – STAND Up! Project”. The call is also available at Berytech dedicated website page.