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STAND Up!: 1st EcoSwitch Festival for green entrepreneurs

The first annual EcoSwitch Festival for green entrepreneurs is ready. The virtual event is organized by the EcoSwitch Coalition, a network of 17 organisations, institutions and corporations that support eco-entrepreneurs in Lebanon, among which we find Berytech, the Lebanese partner involved in the STAND Up! project.

The idea of this festival is to introduce sustainable entrepreneurs in Lebanon to the EcoSwitch Coalition and highlight how they could be supported. Transfering useful knowledge for enterprises and providing space for networking with like-minded eco-oriented entrepreneurs are two other keys areas.

Among the panellists, there is one entrepreneur that has been trained by STAND Up!. To be specific, Marc Metni who is behind the Waste Studio start-up, is joining the Day 2 Agenda where he will participate as a speaker. He will share his intervention in the Expert Panel Sessions focusing on export and access to international markets.

Marc joined and cofounded Waste Studio, bringing together designers and artisan tailors in a collaborative environment. They create and manufacture bags, accessories and furniture out of advertising banners. Waste Studio was selected among the 22 green projects that joined the training sessions in Lebanon from April until the end of June 2021.

To check all the different sessions, panellists and general agenda you can click here.

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