Spain: MED GAIMS introduces a real-time holoporation platform during Mobile World Congress 2021


The immersive technology sector is growing rapidly and provides innovative opportunities in fields such as entertainment, audiovisual production, and Industry 4.0. HoloMIT is a novel solution to provide a complete holoportation service where users, remotely connected, are represented as volumetric video, processed and transmitted in real-time. The architecture has been designed to allow easy adaptation to different use cases and bandwidth availability. HoloMIT allows you to be fully immersed in a VR/AR/XR world, projecting your volumetric video representation, captured in real-time directly into the scenario..

I2CAT Foundation presented this technology in the last edition of Mobile World Congress, the most important meeting around the future of communication. Visitors could experience a real holoconference demonstration with a person located in Crea&Play been used to develop the games presented in the European Project MED GAIMS, destined to gamify touristic experiences of the city. Within the project, i2CAT is introducing the Holoportation as a novel immersive technology to experience museums and places of interest in touristic locations.

On the other hand, the Council of Vilanova presented last month a new space dedicated to the application of new technologies, Crea&Play. It is composed of a gamification center, led by the public innovation agency Neàpolis, and a Virtual Reality Lab managed by the Media Internet Area of the i2CAT Foundation. Crea&Play aims to support initiatives at the municipal level through gamified methodologies and advise companies to realize professional technical training. Among the various initiatives, the European project MED GAIMS, destined to gamify touristic experiences of the city, also is already being developed here.