Spain: Co-Evolve4BG's meeting to identify key factors for sustainable tourism development


On 8th July 2021, a meeting was held between the Cartagena Port Authority and members of the scientific team of the University of Murcia, who is a Spanish partner of Co-Evolve4BG project. During the meeting, the team explained the objective of the project which works towards more sustainable models of development of tourist activities in coastal areas in the Mediterranean and explained the methodology and the identification of the main threats and facilitating factors for their development.

Within the project, a pilot will be implemented in the Murcia region, specifically in Cartagena, the city where the Port Authority is located, the official body that controls the maritime traffic of cruise tourism. For this reason, this stakeholder was able to provide important information for the development of a more sustainable tourism Action Plan.

The port of Cartagena is the fourth nationwide port in freight traffic and it occupies the eighth place in relation to the number of cruises. More than 40% of the tourism that Cartagena receives is through its port. Therefore, the cruise sector is a key economic factor for the Autonomous Region of Murcia. Cartagena is prepared to receive cruise passengers as a safe destination with the distinctive Good Advanced Practices prepared in the context of Covid19, thanks to the joint work between the Port Authority, Cartagena City Council and the Autonomous Community that has also made it possible to have 11 tourist areas with the Safe Tourism distinctive.