SOLE in Tunisia has a new job opportunity for a communication agency


Project SOLE, co-financed by ENI CBC MED, has many good stories to tell and share with people. 

It's bringing together 7 countries in the Mediterranean area to support cost-effective and innovative energy rehabilitations of public buildings while encouraging behavioural change in people and policy makers to reduce energy consumption. A difficult task, at a time when wars and pandemics are slowing the green transition down at global level: but precisely for this reason, telling and sharing the positive impacts of SOLE with citizens and stakeholders is now more important than ever.

That's why the National Federation of Tunisian Municipalities (FNCT) is looking for a communication agency to deliver engaging storytelling content on project SOLE. 

The selected communication agency will have to produce:

  • 3 storytelling videos featuring various experiences from the Municipalities (production and editing);
  • 1 2D spot on energy efficiency awareness (the script will have to be produced in coordination with the FNCT expert);
  • 1 awareness raising graphic illustration on the energy efficiency of municipal buildings;
  • 1 layout design for a policy brief (5 pages, text provided by FNCT).

The financial offer will have to be sent to by June 2nd 2022 and addressed to "Fédération Nationale des Communes Tunisiennes - Projet SOLE".

Apply now and help us build greater awareness on the good results and impacts of project SOLE and Programme ENI CBC MED among citizens and policy makers!

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