SOLE is recruiting a project manager


The Lead Partner, Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani (ANCI Toscana) is looking for a person with the necessary skills to act as a project manager and to coordinate the technical activities in the field of energy efficiency of the SOLE project. In particular, the contract, in the form of professional collaboration, starting from the signing, and expiring on 31/07/2023 (the deadline  may be extended in case of the project, extension, or further needs related to the final reporting phase) provides for the performance of the following activities, as project manager, with technical skills on the project issues:

- Coordination and technical, administrative, and financial supervision of the actions carried out by all partners and by ANCI Toscana;
- Monitoring the technical development of the actions (results, timing, etc.);
- Organisation of the project coordination meetings and their management;
- Coordination of report processing, their collation and transmission;
- Relations and communication with the ENI CBC MED Programme officer.

The deadline for the submission of the application is the 6th of  December 2021, 12.00 CET

All the information (General and specific requirements, participation modality, selection process and evaluation, contractual and financial terms) are available here: