SOLE project welcomes its new Italian partner: the municipality of Prato


SOLE project focuses on the implementation and monitoring of one pilot project for each partner proposing solutions of cost-effective technologies for energy efficiency and renewable energy of public buildings.
As regards the Italian project, a kindergarten in Prato has been selected for an energy requalification intervention. This is the main reason why the Municipality of Prato has just joined SOLE project partnership.

In particular, the Energy Policies Office of the Municipality of Prato will be responsible for the pilot action thanks to its expertise in the design and management of energy refurbishment contracts in all phases of implementation involving the reduction of energy consumption and climate-changing gas emissions. Among its past activities, several have been directed towards an improvement of the energy class and thus a significant reduction of consumption in various school buildings. 
Nowadays the office is responsible also for:
- upgrading the heating systems of communal buildings, leading to a reduction in the consumption of methane gas;
- the supervision of work on photovoltaic systems installed in schools, gyms, libraries and offices in Prato;
- fulfilling the requirements of the PAESC (Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan) and thus prepares and monitors the plan of necessary actions to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by at least 40% by 2030.

Relating to the SOLE pilot project, the Municipality of Prato has proposed the energy requalification of the Borgo San Paolo Infancy School - "Le Girandole" nursery school and playground in Prato with the replacement of windows and doors, implementation of thermal coats and the installation of building automation and monitoring systems on the heating system to optimise the energy requirements of the kindergarten.

The Energy Policies Office is going to engage in preliminary activities in the following months with a view to starting work next summer when the kindergarten will be closed.
In the meantime, the new partner will be updated on the project actions carried out so far and future ones, including the mid-term event and the Act Green awareness campaign.