SOLE project was featured at the largest investment and entrepreneurship event in the Mediterranean


In this framework, SOLE Project, co-financed by the ENI CBC Med Programme, promotes the improvement of energy efficiency in public buildings alongside the Mediterranean, through infrastructural interventions and by raising awareness regarding environmentally-friendly public building management.  

SOLE partners from Egypt, the Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations (CEEBA), together with the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, hosted an exhibition at this year’s huge event called Techne Summit – Alexandria 2021, in its seventh edition, from the second to the fourth of October 2021 at the Bibliotheca Alexandria, in Alexandria, Egypt.

The Techne Summit Exhibition is the Mediterranean’s largest investment and entrepreneurship convention. In its hybrid edition, it offered exceptional opportunities for individuals and businesses to expand their networks by engaging with over 15 000 attendees, gaining experiences from over 200 speakers around the world and participating in Techne’s “Corporate & Start-Up Exhibition”.

SOLE project was featured alongside eight other EU-funded ENI CBC MED projects from various industries, which are currently being implemented in Egypt. These other projects were CRE@CTIVE, EMPHASIS, iHERITAGE, INTECMED, INVESTMED, MAIA-TAQA, MedBEESinessHUBS and Med Pearls.

The CEEBA team and Alexandria Chamber of Commerce had the chance to inform people about the projects, engage with numerous MSMES (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) from the renewable energy and sustainability sectors who attended the event, and disseminate the ENI CBC MED Programme.