SOLE participants at BERLIN´s hub on photovoltaic will enhance their knowledge and foster exchange of information


Some of SOLE partners’ technical experts are going to participate in the forthcoming meeting of the IUPVMED (Intelligent Utilization of Photovoltaic Technology in the Mediterranean region) Hub established under the ENI CBC Med project called BERLIN.The meeting will take place on 14th February 2022 from 10 to 12.30 CET.

This participation will represent the beginning of the collaboration between the two projects that both aim to implement pilot interventions in public buildings to support innovative and cost-effective energy rehabilitations  and to make them greener and more sustainable. The BERLIN project  tries to increase electric grid penetration, also in remote or rural areas of the Mediterranean region, focusing on photovoltaics (PV), Energy Storage Systems (ESS), and Demand Side Management (DSM), under the concept of a hybrid nanogrid system.

The IUPVMED Hub gathers a wide range of key stakeholders in the field, including distribution and transmission system operators, regulatory authorities, consultants, installers, engineers and the scientific community. During its meetings the members can exchange information, experiences and ideas on current regional situations regarding PV+ESS+DSM systems in participating countries, and potentially collaborate with other experts and key stakeholders in the field. The Hub’s goal is to support research collaboration, dissemination, and technology transfer in the Mediterraenan area in the field. In this perspective, at the end of BERLIN project, a position paper open to the public will be published regarding the news about regional legislations, technological advances and the future strategies for promoting PV+ESS+DSM systems.

This new partnership between the two projects will be an opportunity for SOLE project’s partners to learn more about the advancements in photovoltaic technologies and for BERLIN project’s partners to find out more on SOLE’s energy efficiency initiatives and the ACT GREEN awareness campaign.