SOLE is hiring a communication expert in Tunisia


Do you have a communication university background and 2 years + experience in promoting ENI CBC MED projects? The SOLE project is looking for you! 

The Municipality of Mnihla (Tunisia), one of SOLE’s partners, is seeking to hire a communication expert.

You should also have proficiency in English, French and in the use of IT tools

The selected expert's primary task will be to grant the greatest visibility among citizens and local stakeholders to the SOLE project, with its ACT GREEN campaign, and to the energy rehabilitation works on the Municipal Builiding which will be carried out thanks to SOLE and to the ENI CBC MED programme. 

The expert will also have to create, edit or update project content for websites and social networks, sticking to the communication rules of ENI CBC MED and to the visual identity package produced by the SOLE project.

The expert will also have to report to the SOLE project communication manager, with periodic updates on the kind of content related to the project which has been published and on the performance of such posts, thus sharing websites' and social networks' statistics.

She/he will also have to support the Municipality of Mnihla in the organisation of project events.

All applications must be sent via the TUNEPS system no later than Nov. 30th 2022, 9AM local time.

Most public buildings in the Mediterranean area are energy inefficient as lack of interventions over time have led to increasing annual energy consumption and CO2 emissions. SOLE “High Energy Efficiency for the Public Stock Buildings in Mediterranean”, cofinanced by Programme ENI CBC MED, aims to foster cost-effective and innovative energy rehabilitations of public buildings. 

It’s time to play your part and help us to achieve our goal!