SOLE in Egypt advances in implementing energy efficiencies measures at Alexandria university


Egypt has been facing a severe power crisis in the past years. The power sector is mostly dependent on fuel, which is a primary source of energy, and the production of energy fails to meet the rising demand. Promoting energy efficiency could partially represent a solution to the energy problem in Egypt.

The SOLE project focuses on the energy efficiency improvements of public buildings in the Mediterranean adopting energy rehabilitation strategies and increasing the use of renewable energies.

The Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and the Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations (CEEBA), both SOLE partners, are collaborating for the realization of a pilot project that will equip the administration building of the University of Alexandria's Faculty of Engineering with photovoltaic solar system and energy efficient lighting to improve its whole energy consumption system. In fact, most of the time, University buildings in Egypt face high consumption of energy in comparison to relatively low performance.

A University is a place where energy efficiency should be particularly taken into account, given that it directly influences the quality of life, comfort, security, and health factors for students and staff.

Thanks to the SOLE project, solar panels will cover the energy needs of one of six buildings of the Faculty of Engineering in Alexandria, in the hope that the project can be replicated soon for the others.

Saturday, the 12th of February 2022, the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with CEEBA, organized an event witnessing the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce president Mr Ahmed El Wakil and the president of the Alexandria University Prof. Abdelaziz Konsowa for implementing the SOLE pilot project at the premises of the Alexandria University.

Many relevant stakeholders attended the event: H.E. Dr Aly Moselhy (Minister of Supply and Internal Trade), H.E. Dr Rania Al Mashat (Minister of International Cooperation) represented by Ms Shereen Taha, H.E. Dr Nevine Gamea (Minister of Trade and Industry), H.E. Gen. Mohamed El Sherif (Governor of Alexandria) and H.E. Christian Berger (EU Ambassador).

The Memorandum of Understanding is the first step towards the implementation of the Egyptian pilot project, which will be followed shortly by the publication of the tender for the works.

The SOLE pilot project will represent the stepping stone towards energy rehabilitation in Egypt for public buildings and spaces.