SOLE and Improvement´s projects are co-organising an event on energy efficiency in public buildings


The Spanish partner of project SOLE, the Andalusian Energy Agency, is organising a plenary meeting in Seville on 6th and 7th March 2023 to facilitate the exchange between the project partners, to visit the building where the energy requalification works will be carried out and to enable networking with project Improvement (Interreg SUDOE).

SOLE and Improvement's results will be jointly presented during this initiative, since both projects focus on the energy efficiency of public buildings. It is an opportunity which will allow both projects to exchange best practices and innovative energy requalification methodologies, while disseminating their results to a wider range of stakeholders.

In particular, Improvement project aims to develop:

  • a system to improve thermal efficiency through the production of solar heating and cooling and the incorporation of active/passive techniques for buildings with zero energy consumption;
  • a fault-resilient power management system for microgrids under design criteria of high quality of supply;
  • a microgrid energy management system with hybrid energy storage under criteria of minimum degradation and minimum cost of use of the storage system.

The meeting agenda will be shared soon: please keep checking our website for further updates.