SME4SMARTCITIES in Israel inaugurates a pergola to address urban heat island


Urban Oasis - the innovative cool solar pergola, designed to help people find a cool refuge from direct sun and from the rising heat in the centers of cities, is finally placed on site.

The collaborative design of BIPV Israel from Petah Tikva, Israel, and SIT Technologies from Genoa, Italy, brings together innovative technologies from Israel, Italy, and Spain to create a solution for one of the main challenges that cities face – the rising urban heat island. While lowering the temperatures across the city will require a profound mitigation response to climate change and will require the integration of many solutions in an ecosystem approach, Urban Oasis paves the way by providing a local refuge from the heat that can be placed in any open space in the city, and demonstrating how collaborative planning and co-creation by small innovative companies, together with municipalities and academia, can lead to the fruition of solutions across the city, leading to a synergic effect.


Urban Oasis is one of six co-creation initiatives of SME4SMARTCITIES - Mediterranean SMEs working together to make cities smarter.

The remaining construction and tests will continue in the following days. Urban Oasis will be opened for the public on Tuesday, 26/9/2023, at an event with the participation of the city mayor and all engaged project members from the SME companies, Kfar Saba Municipality, and Tel Aviv University.