SIRCLES in Italy showcases its achievements in improving both organic waste management and social inclusion

The SIRCLES project in Italy has as specific objective the improvement of the actual state of the organic waste management in the territory of Valle d’Itria (Apulia region), in particular, in the Municipalities of Alberobello, Locorotondo, Noci and Putignano. To achieve this, the project has involved the different local parties (citizens, Ho.Re.Ca. sector, the Municipalities and the competent institutions) in a number of awareness-raising activities on the subject, combined with an in-depth study of the bio-waste management situation to outline possible improvement actions.

Consorzio Italiano Compostatori elaborated a video summarizing all the abovementioned activities of the Italian pilot and presenting the most relevant figures regarding the results achieved. The video gives a vivid idea of the success of the awareness-raising campaigns carried out in the territory and the remarkable social impact of giving a job opportunity to 7 people, who were considered at risk of social exclusion and out of the labour market and now have become local ambassadors of good practices for the bio-waste recycling sector.