Via Selinuntina (Italy) marketed to sustainable tourists through CROSSDEV

Mirta Carboni for CROSSDEV

In collaboration with the Tour Operator of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy (Borghi Italia Tour Network), the CROSSDEV project has recently reached one of its most sought-after results: the creation of its first tourist product. Welcome to Via Selinuntina, a marvellous ancient Sicilian Road that links East to West, and the inland to the sea.

Panoramas along Via Selinuntina, Italy - Ph. Mirta Carboni

From Gibellina to Selinunte, from Menfi to Sambuca di Sicilia and Santa Margherita Belice, also touching Piana degli Albanesi and Sciacca, CROSSDEV managed to assemble a multi-thematic offer aimed at heterogeneous targets in search of sustainable tourism experiences. Soon, the product will be available online on the BITN website, ready for the spring-summer 2022 season.

Panoramas along Via Selinuntina, Italy - Ph. Mirta Carboni

In the past seven years, BITN has been offering stay experiences in the most beautiful villages in Italy also promoting their surrounding areas. If on the one hand this is important to attract responsible tourists, on the other hand it is a crucial occasion, for locals, to enhance their income opportunity while making the most of their cultural, historical, and natural heritage.

Through CROSSDEV, Via Selinuntina has become part of the BITN network, gaining a unique opportunity to market and promote its beauties in the most sustainable way and for the benefit of locals.

Typical Italian sweets - Ph. Mirta Carboni

The CROSSDEV project is working on territories of Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine and it is designed and led by Italian NGO CISP, the International Committee for the Development of Peoples.

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