SEACAP 4 SDG releases the round table "Towards green and sustainable Tunisian cities" report


Territories surrounding the “Mediterranean sea” face several major challenges, such as the fight against climate change and the green energy transition especially in the building sector. Besides, the region is characterized by a lack of infrastructure
It is against this background that the SEACAP 4 SDG project was proposed to contribute to fighting climate change by reducing energy consumption in public buildings across the  Mediterranean, and by promoting the development of SE(A)CAP through an innovative financial mechanism and a capitalization process.

In this context, the Mediterranean Renewable Energies Centre (MEDREC), project partner, organized a public event on "Green and Efficient Cities for a Sustainable Mediterranean" in Tunis on the 08th of March 2023. For the occasion around 60 participants were brought together, both physically and online.

The event aimed at disseminating the results of the support mechanism, proposed by the project, for Mediterranean municipalities to plan and implement energy conservation measures in public buildings, and at capitalizing on good practices from cooperation projects in the Mediterranean region. The event was also an opportunity to present the experience of Tunisian municipalities in the implementation of Energy Climate action plans.
A round table "Towards green and sustainable Tunisian cities" was held, with the participation of national authorities and Tunisian municipalities, to discuss the opportunities, public initiatives, strategies, policies, and the involvement of the Civil Society towards green and sustainable cities in Tunisia.

Read the full event report HERE (English).

Read the round table report HERE (French).