SEACAP 4 SDG promotes an energy renovation package for Bizerte pilot building proposed by Tunisian students


The Mediterranean Renewable Energy Centre (MEDREC), partner of SEACAP4SDG project, in collaboration with the group of experts (Atmospheres ADD) selected to support the energy renovation process in Tunisia, participated in a challenge organized in the framework of Sole project, funded within the ENI CBC MED programme.

This challenge is organized for the students of the National School of Architecture and Urbanism in Tunisia to propose innovative and cost-effective renovation solutions for a public building in Tunisia, in 48 hours. The building, object of challenge, is the one of the Municipality of Bizerte, which the city’s landmark and represents an important heritage value.

The students were provided with reliable source of information/documents to help them propose the most suitable renovation measures. Among these sources, a guide to innovate the renovation process of public buildings in the Med area was made available, which is a tool developed within Med-EcoSuRe project, capitalized on in the framework of SEACAP4SDG.

A total of 11 student groups (2 in each group) participated in the challenge, which started on the 10th of May, and presented their works on the 12th of May in front of a Jury composed of engineers, architects, and experts.
The winning group proposed a package of renovation solutions linking each intervention to the building and its users in terms of energy consumption and indoor comfort.
The interventions included: Rooftop PV and solar water heaters, green façade, reorganization of indoor spaces, shading devices, natural ventilation
The group of experts in Tunisia will take into consideration this energy renovation package while proposing the measures for the pilot building of Bizerte.