The SEACAP 4 SDG project organizes an on-line Infoday for the Spanish Municipalities interested in receive technical support for energy plans


The SEACAP 4 SDG project aims to reduce the energy consumption of public buildings and increase the capacity of the territories to adopt measures that reduce their energetic impact in the medium term.

For this purpose, the project has published an open call for the selection of municipalities in the Autonomous Communities of Valencia and Catalonia, which can benefit from a free service of assessment and drafting of energetic plans.

On Thursday 21st of July at 10.00 am, an on-line briefing will be offered by IREC and IVE representatives (Spanish partners of the SEACAP 4 SDG project) who will explain the procedure of the mechanism and will solve any doubt that may arise.

Those interested in participating should register in advance at the following link.

For further information, please contact:

Jordi Pascual ( - IREC - Cataluña) / Lucía Ramírez ( – IVE – C. Valenciana)