SEACAP 4 SDG identifies a panorama of instruments for energy retrofitting of buildings


On Thursday 24th February 2022, SEACAP 4 SDG, in cooperation with meetMED project and Interreg MED Efficient Buildings Community, organized the online Euro-Mediterranean Workshop “Innovation & Impact: Good Practices in Energy Efficiency for Buildings in Mediterranean Cities”.

During the plenary session of the event,  attended by more than 300 participants (most of them representatives of local authorities and of regional and national energy agencies), Mediterranean cities presented best practices, innovative solutions, mechanisms and methodologies developed and implemented for the energy refurbishment of public buildings

In addition, six parallel working groups around several topics (Construction, renovation, management and maintenance of municipal buildings; Promoting the energy efficiency of buildings on the municipal territory; National support facilities for municipalities), animated by experts and facilitators, focused on the needs of the cities and on the transferability and concrete application of the proposed solutions at territorial level.


The day before, on 23th February 2022, SEACAP 4 SDG project partners met online for the kick off meeting: after the institutional welcome of the ENI CBCMED Program representatives, a general overview of the project activities was provided, highlighting the main results expected from a capitalization project as SEACAP 4 SDG.

The second part of the kick off meeting was dedicated to plan next activities, focusing in particular on the city capacity building and training mechanisms to support the cost-effective energy rehabilitations of buildings.