SEACAP 4 SDG highlights synergies with ENI CBC Med Programme funded projects


In the framework of the ENI CBC Med Programme funded project, SEACAP 4 SDG, today, September 5th 2023, Prof. Yasser Gaber Dessouky from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) hosted the project partners meeting in Alexandria (Egypt). 

The meeting saw the participation of all the SEACAP 4 SDG project partners teams and representatives of the external entities involved in the supporting mechanisms, who discussed about the closure of the project’s activities and the outcomes reached. They also had the opportunity to visit some of the laboratories and PV installation of the AASTMT.

Furthermore, representatives from three other projects funded by ENI CBC Med programme were invited to find synergies among the activities implemented. They discussed about the outcomes and the results achieved and exchange knowledge and impressions from working on different initiatives related to climate change adaptation and support research, technological development and innovation.

Mrs. Rania Rageh, Engineer and Head of accredited international programmes from AASTMT, briefly presented the activities of the MED-QUAD Project. The project addressed the Mediterranean Partner Countries problems of the domino effect due to the European countries recession’s which reflects on the other shore of the Sea. For this reason the project’s core aimed to nurture the region’s innovation potential by building up a cross-border cooperation scheme, implementing educational and practical training programmes with Living Labs leading several pilot activities among different partners countries cities’.

The intervetion was followed by Mrs. Sandra Haddad, Vice Dean College of international transport and logistics (AASTMT), who gave an overview of the activities carried out within the TECHLOG Project. The main goal of this project is to strengthen ties between academia and transport industry in the Mediterranean region, by joining Technology Transfer Initiatives (TTI) to ahcieve common quality standards, and the creation of a Mediterranean Open Lab to promote and share those initiatives, applying simulation technologies in pilot actions in real port operators.

Finally, Prof. Amin Ahmed Shoukry, Computer Science & Engineering (AASTMT), introduced the case study of lexandria city in the framework of the BEEP Project, which aimed at fostering the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in energy efficiency rehabiitation of buildings. The project main outcome was to develop an innovative methodology based on the integration of emerging technologies tested n heritgae public buidings.