SEACAP 4 SDG among the best practices selected in the qualitative monitoring plan performed by Italy on ENI CBC MED 2014/20 capitalization projects


Regione Puglia (Apulia Region, Italy), in its role as National Contact Point and Co-Chair of the National Committee, developed the qualitative monitoring plan for projects funded by the ENI CBC MED Programme 2014-20.
The analysis activity is structured with reference to a selection of initiatives under the 1st Call for proposals - Standard Projects, the 2nd Call for proposals - Strategic Projects and, finally, the 3rd Call for proposals - Capitalisation Projects. The monitoring concerns, in particular, the 36 (out of the overall total of 41) Standard projects, 21 of the 23 Strategic projects and all the 16 Capitalisation projects, each of which records in its partnership the participation of one or more organisations based in Italy.

The SEACAP 4 SDG project partnership is wide-ranging, consisting of 9 partners coming in a balanced way from EU Countries (including Italy, together with France, Spain and Greece) and Mediterranean Partner Countries (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia).
Italy participates through a Campania-based organisation, the Agenzia Napoletana per l'Energia e l'Ambiente (ANEA), which operates in the same field as the project and has been active for about 30 years in the local and European spheres, through its own public-private component.

The study is developed not so much on the analysis of quantitative/financial data, but on the aspects of impact on the territories involved in the wide Neighbourhood Programme in the Mediterranean basin, with the aim of collecting and enhancing results, outputs, activities, synergies and networks. The aim of the publication is also to guarantee - through the reconnaissance of information - sources and ideas for the current and future implementation of ENI CBC MED/Interreg Next MED, and in general of the European Territorial Cooperation Programmes.

In the 2023 update of the Report produced, SEACAP 4 SDG project was selected in the PART VI - Qualitative Monitoring of 9 Capitalisation Projects - 1st year.
In the collection of best practices/initiatives worthy of reporting, transfer and capitalisation, articulated for each of the 11 Priorities of the ENI CBC MED Programme 2014-2020, the SEACAP 4 SDG project appears as the only selected best practice for action "B.4.3 Support cost-effective and innovative energy rehabilitations relevant to building types and climatic zones, with a focus on public buildings”, thanks to the valorisation and effective involvement of the (wide) network of Associated Partners, through an ad hoc body (Associated Partners Committee) set up and operational since the first year (two online meetings organised).

Indeed, in parallel to the network of full partners, the project has a significant presence of associated partners, as many as 19, coming not only from the partnership's reference territories but also from other European and Mediterranean areas.
Of particular relevance is the definition of a special advisory body, formed precisely by all the Associated Partners, concretely involved in the implementation of the project, in particular through two ad hoc meetings held in the first year.

Read the full Report HERE (Italian).