Revitalizing sustainable tourism by building on previous projects, that’s what RESTART MED! is about


In September 2021, the RESTART MED! project was born. A project to make the Mediterranean a better place for everyone, thanks to sustainable tourism.

The Mediterranean is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world, but mass tourism is a double-edged sword. Seasonality, poor development of local communities, environmentally unsustainable, overcrowded places, and little-known treasures... In addition to the traditional challenges of tourism, sustainability and digitisation must be added. Moreover, the COVID-19 crisis is a turning point in our lives, it has completely changed us, even the way we travel. Increasingly, we are looking for more sustainable ways to travel, we seek to discover a place through its gastronomy, its culture, its architecture, its heritage: material, immaterial, and natural, we also expect to contact local communities and experience that place even through a game.

RESTART MED! is born from the union of 4 ENI CBC MED projects related to sustainable tourism: CROSSDEV oriented to heritage and local communities, MEDUSA that promotes adventure tourism, MED PEARLS focused on Slow Tourism, and to discover hidden pearls and MED GAIMS that brings tourism to lesser-known areas through games. RESTART MED! is a capitalisation project (builds on the work done by previous projects), that seeks to promote the growth of tourism in an environmentally and socially sustainable way. Building on the work done by previous projects, RESTART MED! will aggregate results, build on them, add value and help transform the tourism sector.

 Over the next two years, RESTART MED! will work to transform the tourism sector in the Mediterranean by helping businesses through both training programmes and grants. It will also address sustainable tourism from a policy perspective, fostering knowledge exchanges, identifying best practices, and building on the results of other projects.

It is important to note that RESTART MED! aims to treat the Mediterranean as ONE. The challenges of digitisation and sustainability are found on the northern and southern shores, in the east and the west, therefore, all markets will be treated as one. This is conducive to creating a climate of cooperation necessary for the development and implementation of the project.

The Mediterranean goes beyond the so-called “sun and beach” tourism. Gastronomy, adventure, cultural heritage, and the mountains, among others, are also a core value for the entire region, and RESTART MED! will demonstrate it.

Dare to discover it with us!