REUSEMED in Tunisia describes the implementation of the reuse circuits


The municipality of Sakkiet Ezzit together with the National Agency for Waste Management (ANGed) in Tunisia has launched different circuits of reuse in this municipality in order to promote the culture of reuse and thus reduce the amount of waste. What has been done so far?

Clothes and baby toys circuit

In collaboration with the ANGed agency, the Generation’s dream association, the association of Health and Environment, scoots as well as stakeholders of the region of Sakiet Ezzit of Sfax, the municipality of Sakiet Ezzit has started the implementation of the first two circuits: Clothes and Baby toys waste. Circuits test have been made in the beginning of February 2023. We have collected clothes waste of about 550 kg and few baby toys waste. This initiative won the approval of the citizens of the region, who requested his return. Thus, some shortcomings objected to the campaign and the municipality sought with its partners to rectify them in the next campaign organized on 11 and 12 March 2023.

The banderole waste circuit: turn banderole into bags

A big amount of banderoles waste exists in many public and private institutions of the region of Sakiet Ezzit. Such waste could be transformed into bags, wallets, purses and offers new job opportunities. During the last week, meeting between the municipality, the ANGed agency and the Health and Environment association has been made in order to start the banderoles waste circuit. The association is well known by such activities of reuse. Thus, in collaboration with the association, the municipality worked to determine the quantities of banderoles waste. This inventory of banderols waste before the collection can offer an idea about the frequency of the collection and periods. The collection could be made in April 2023. A communication campaign will be carried out by the municipality via radios interventions, facebook publications and newspaper articles. In parallel to the banderoles waste circuit, an event on the banderol waste was organized in 31 March 2023 by the ANGed agency in collaboration with the municipality and the association of Health and Environment to enhance the awareness campaign.

Food circuit: equipping a university restaurant with compost unit and promote composting

For the food circuit, a first pilot site has been identified in the university restaurant of El Ons region of Sakiet Ezzit. Infrastructure activities will start soon to prepare the place for the installation of a composter of 2000 liters. This latter has a capacity of 100 kg waste/day. Also, a small crusher will be installed near the composter to create a unit of composting in the university restaurant. This unit will be accessible to students who visit the restaurant. In addition, citizens of Sakiet Ezzit region will profit from individual composters from the ANGed agency which collaborate with the municipality to realize the composting training.

Book and paper circuits: keep promoting it

Books and paper reuse circuit already exist and managed by the Generation’s dream association which organize each year before the start of the new school year, an event of books and paper waste collection in the municipality of Sakiet Ezzit building. With the REUSEMED project, the first event will be organized at the end of the school year in May 2023. The municipality has bought equipment (tents, tables, chairs…) to provide all the association needs and will ensure the communication campaign.