REUSEMED took part in waste management projects meeting in Spain


MED4WASTE organized a projects meeting on the 29th and 30th of June 2022 in Vic, Spain, in which they invited other ENI CBC MED projects dealing with waste management (CLIMA, CEOMED, DECOST, MED-InA and REUSEMED). Some of their results will be capitalised through Med4Waste.

Besides the management meeting where Salvador Gómez from ANEPMA, Spanish partner of REUSEMED presented the project, it was also an opportunity to conduct field visit.

Participants visited the Waste Treatment Plant and Landfill and the pilot of DECOST project for community composting in Masías de Roda, Catalonia, Spain. In fact, visiting the community composting pilot was very stimulating and was a good example to pass on to the other Projects.

The meeting helped also to get to know other project partners such as COSPE, that has had previous relationships with our Italian partner, the municipality of Capannori. With these types of meetings, it is possible to create special connections between projects thanks  to special relationships between partners.