REUSEMED in Spain organises a sewing repair café to fix your clothes while enhancing neighbours´ relationship


This coming Saturday, November the 19th, the public company Sadeco, lead beneficiary of REUSEMED, will organize a sewing repair café in Cordoba, Spain. Its objective is to give a second life to clothes that people hardly use anymore.

The aim of this activity is to bring together neighbours and friends to fix their clothes that for various reasons are no longer used and are about to be thrown away. The idea of the workshop combines enjoying good company and good professionals (and also some delicatessen: some pies and juices that Sadeco will provide) and thus be able to fix the clothes stored.

Volunteers will teach, among other practices, how to fix a snag or give advice on how to remove or disguise a stain, put a new zipper or fix a darning. One of the participants will be a young man who took part in the clothing training organized by Sadeco in May 2022 and whom Caritas is helping to get his papers in order to hire him.