REUSEMED project highlights need to develop reuse strategies in Mediterranean municipalities

Photo by vlada karpovich on Pexels

REUSEMED partners shared several interesting practices on reuse that are being developed in Italy, Jordan, Spain and Tunisia by different entities. All these practices are shared with the intention to serve as an example for us in the project, to see which are the ones that stand out the most, in our humble opinion, and set in motion the necessary activities to copy their model in the the municipalities of Capannori (Italy), Córdoba (Spain), New Deir Allaa (Jordan) and Sakiet Ezzit (Tunisia). The workshop took place online the 8th and 9th of June.

There were experiences with diverse focus. Here, we have the list of the practices shared in the workshop:

Creative Reuse
-    The beauty of materials as educational resource: creative reuse of materials donated by different companies (REMIDA, Italy)
-     Creative interventions developed through the international network of centres for creative recycling and reuse (REMIDA, Italy)
ICTs fostering Reuse
-    REUSAPP and Reuse Municipal Space in Gijon (EMULSA, Spain)
Reuse Markets
-    Flea Markets in Tunisia (ANGED, Tunisia)
-    Lillero 2nd hand barter market (Capannori Municipality, Italy)
-    Cordoba Barter Network (Spain)
Reuse making use of Cultural Heritage
-    Manual Wool Working involving Reuse (MoLA and Deir Allaa Municipality, Jordan)
-    Reuse of Wood and Palm Leaves (MoLA and Deir Allaa, Jordan)
Waste Management Systems fostering Reuse
-    Premises conditioned as Reuse Spaces in Cantabria (MARE, Spain)
-    Door-to-door selection in Navarra (Traperos de Emaús, Spain)
Reuse of specific fractions
-    Reuse of Agricultural surpluses: Conserve initiative (Capannori)
-    Daccapo: Reuse of clothes, furniture and accessories (Capannori)
-    Reuse of Books: Saved by REMIDA (Italy)
-    Reuse of Books: Mercadito Libro Usato (Capannori, Italy)
Public-private cooperation fostering Reuse
-    Reuse of school supplies through the collaboration of the Municipality and associations in Sakiet Ezzit (Tunisia).
-    Collaboration EMULSA-KOOPERA for reuse of clothes (Spain)

Sharing these experiences with the general public is also important if we want to make a change in the waste treatment strategies in our countries. The more people that know that there are different systems that we can develop to treat our wastes as resources rather than throw them away, the better. So, get people involved in these workshops is essential, therefore with more than 40 participants, we think that we are in a good path.

This workshop also helped us to realize that in the field of reuse there is still much work to do. Few municipalities have reuse initiatives that are really impactful in their waste management strategies. Thus, our work in this Project could be crucial to find those experiences that could be of special importance when fostering reuse and integrating in the local waste management strategies.

If you want to know more about these practices, you can contact the Project through this email address: