REUSEMED organized a reused fashion show in Cordoba to highlight the value of second-life garments


A reused fashion show organized by Sadeco, the Spanish partner of the REUSEMED project, showcased the virtues of second-life garments in the southern Spanish city of Cordoba (in December 2021). Students from the local Pattern and Fashion School 'La Mariposa del Hilo' designed and made the garments thanks to a training in reuse held as part of the REUSEMED project.

Lola Espinosa, director and owner of the Pattern Making and Fashion School 'La Mariposa del hilo' in Cordoba celebrated the initiative's success: "With training in pattern making and tailoring you can embellish, transform and give a second life to a multitude of garments". At least this is what she and her students achieved in the fashion show, in which they only showed clothes made from existing garments. The team led by Espinosa gave a second chance to materials that would otherwise have ended up in the used clothing garbage can.

"It was a great experience, very enriching, both for the training center and for the students". This is how Lola Espinosa defined the collaboration with Sadeco to promote and encourage in the city of Cordoba the culture of reuse that the REUSEMED Project promotes.

REUSEMED proposes to create municipal networks based on reuse circuits for home appliances, furniture, books, clothes, Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment and food. To set up the networks, 4 cities in Spain, Italy, Jordan and Tunisia will design and test composting installations, food collection points in markets, repair and reuse centers, reuse corners in shops and repairing cafes.