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REUSEMED in Jordan tries to expand the reuse circuits to other regions

The Jordanian Ministry of Local Administration (MOLA), in collaboration with New Deir Allaa Municipality, is going to conduct capitalization meetings between the 2nd and 10th October 2022 in four municipalities in different regions of Jordan (north, center and south), namely;

- Greater Irbid Municipality - North region
- Greater Jerash Municipality - North region
- Greater Madaba Municipality - Center region
- Greater Karak Municipality - South region

The rationale behind selecting the above-mentioned municipalities, in addition to the fact that they cover the three regions of the country, is summarized in the following points: 
- These municipalities are from the first category municipalities, where they have good financial and human resources.
- They also have good experiences with projects funded by European Union in general and ENI CBC MED Programme in particular. This facilitates the acceptance of REUSEMED's objectives and outcomes more easily.

In this context, implementing one or more of the reuse circuits proposed by REUSEMED in these municipalities is promising and is a good indicator to try and spread the culture of reuse all over the country. 

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