REUSEMED in Jordan organised its first REUSE festival


A multitudinous celebration of reuse so that Jordanian citizens could learn first-hand about the benefits of this practice. This is the summary of the reuse festival held on May 19 in the town of New Deir Alla in the north of the country. The main objective of this event was to promote the concept and culture of reuse and, in particular, to present the objectives and main results of the REUSEMED project in the country.

The festival comprised different activities, including folkloric performances by local girls' schools, entertainment activities for children, musical performances, bazaars of handicraft products managed by city cooperatives, among others.

Finally, the five reuse circuits that have been designed within the framework of the project and will be implemented in the coming weeks were explained. Local citizens learned that these circuits will contribute to improve the economic level of the neighbors through the creation of new green jobs and that they will increase the revenues of the municipality in the medium and long term through the collaboration with the private sector.

The initiative was widely followed by the country's media, including the Jordan News AgencyAqaba Today NewsAlqalah News and Alsaa.

REUSEMED proposes to create municipal networks based on reuse circuits for home appliances, furniture, books, clothes, Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment and food. To set up the networks, 4 cities in Spain, Italy, Jordan and Tunisia will design and test composting installations, food collection points in markets, repair and reuse centers, reuse corners in shops and repairing cafés.