RESTART MED! in Spain launches a tender for a policy expert


Organize, carry out & report on policymakers meetings and local policy analysis

In the framework of the RESTART-MED!  the Catalan Tourist Board is requesting an external service for an expert to attending meetings with policymakers to discuss about public policies in tourism and report about them.

Context: about the RESTART MED! project

  • RESTART-MED! is an ENI CBC MED project on sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean that takes place between September 2021 and August 2023. It is implemented in Italy, Lebanon, Tunisia, Spain and Jordan.
  • The overall objectives of RESTART MED! are to (1) promote sustainability in the tourism sector and (2) to scale-up, and add value to the results of previous EU-funded sustainable tourism projects located in the Mediterranean.
  • The specific objectives are: (1) promote sustainable tourism products (support sustainable economic recovery), (2) catalyse the creation of policies addressing sustainable tourism (support sustainability) and (3) create a network of public, private and civil society stakeholders (build a supportive community).

External service required

The selected candidate will have three tasks:

1. Organize meetings or focus groups with policy stakeholders

The meetings or focus groups will be in Baix Ebre, Ribera d’Ebre, les Garrigues, Alt Penedès, Anoia, Berguedà and Alt Empordà to evaluate local policies using a policy checklist created under RESTART MED! available here. Contacts will be provided by the Catalan Tourist Board and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.

2. Carry out the focus groups/meetings

Meetings will last between 3-5 hours. Each meeting will at least have two parts:

PART 1: introduction and policy analysis

  • Introduce the ENI CBC MED project
  • Explain the guideline and the checklist created
  • Analyse the sustainability of a previously agreed tourism policy. A set of policies could be used in case they are needed to include different sustainability aspects.
  • Conclusions

PART 2: sustainability discussion


  • Explanation of the Climate Action Plan
  • Debate on how to implement the Climate Action Plan for tourism in Catalonia locally. This is selected as the current most important topic regarding sustainability and policy, since Catalonia signed the UNWTO Glasgow Declaration in 2022.
  • How are public authorities supporting private actors

Note that: The expert/s will pay for their own trips. All the meetings will be done in Catalan, and reporting will be done in English and Catalan (translated version). The Catalan Tourist Board will provide support during the project implementation and be part of the meetings.

3.    Reports on meetings/focus groups:

For each focus group, the expert/s will write:

  • A policy analysis report, which includes a sustainability analysis of the selected tourism policy / policies and how to improve it/them. The report will include participants names and discussions that took place during the meeting / focus group.
  • A short summary of Climate action agreements and next steps.
  • A report on ways for public authorities to support private actors. This can be based on  literature review from other EU projects working on Sustainable Tourism and with insights from the focus groups / meetings. If required, a survey could be sent to private stakeholders. This would be done in parallel.

4.    Adaptation checklist:

The expert will adapt the checklist tool (and for that matter the guideline) into a new enhanced version after gathering feedback from the focus groups carried out with policymakers.


Tasks can be done in parallel. Tasks will be done maximum before 15th July 2023.

Suggested calendar

Budget and payment

The budget for this service is 7.048,18 euros (including VAT). Payment will be done after the service is provided.

Application procedure

Candidates will send a proposal that includes:

  1. Methodology used
  2. Description of the expertise in policy analysis of sustainable tourism policies
  3. Short bio and CV of the expert/experts
  4. Implementation schedule
  5. Budget (with and without VAT)

Proposals will be evaluated based on quality (60%), team experience (20%) and price (20%). In order to select the contracted company, the proposal will be sent to Cristina Bajet Mestre at the email address by 20/01/2023.

Information can also be found here.