RESTART MED! is looking for an expert to create a publication and a video


Context: about the RESTART MED! project

RESTART-MED! is an ENI CBC MED project on sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean that takes place between September 2021 and August 2023. It is implemented in Italy, Lebanon, Tunisia, Spain and Jordan. The overall objectives of RESTART MED! are to (1) promote sustainability in the tourism sector and (2) to scale-up, and add value to the results of previous EU-funded sustainable tourism projects located in the Mediterranean. The specific objectives are: (1) promote sustainable tourism products (support sustainable economic recovery), (2) catalyse the creation of policies addressing sustainable tourism (support sustainability) and (3) create a network of public, private and civil society stakeholders (build a supportive community). 

External service required

The selected candidate will have three tasks:

  1. Create a database of tourism products and experiences
    • Created under other EU projects, specially: Med Pearls, Medusa, CROSSDEV and MED GAIMS
    • Categorize them for a specific niche markets, focusing on 1, 2 or 3 sustainability pillars (environmental, socio-economic or socio-cultural
    • Organize and highlighting their sustainable qualities
  2. Create a promotional publication that includes the products and experiences
  3. Create a video, to encourage replication, in a customer-friendly format for tourists, tourism professionals, MSMEs, institutions

The specifications will be taked with the winning candidate organization.


Tasks will start on 01/01/2023 and will be done before 24/02/2023. Meetings to plan could start earlier if needed.

Budget and payment

The budget for this service is 13.000 euros (including VAT). The budget presented should include the price without the VAT, the VAT itself and the total cost including VAT. Payment will be done after the service is provided.

Application procedure

Candidates will send a proposal that includes:

  1. Methodology used
  2. Description of the expertise and similar work previously done
  3. Short bio and CV of the main expert including level of English
  4. Implementation schedule
  5. Budget (with and without VAT)

Proposals will be evaluated based on quality (50%) expertise (30%) and budget (20%).

In order to select the contracted company, the proposal will be sent to Cristina Bajet Mestre at the email address by 27/10/2022.

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