RESTART MED! launches new brand and dialogue space for the Mediterranean sustainable tourism community


Sustainable tourists across the Mediterranean will soon have a new virtual meeting point to get information about their favorite topic: conscious travelling.

It’s RESTART MED! upcoming platform, which is being developed by the EU-funded project as a space to get to know more about sustainable tourism and to bring together the Mediterranean community. It will be a place to encourage a new model of tourism, one that takes care of the environment, directly involves local communities, and ensures unique experience to the travelers.

Developed as a spin-off of CROSSDEV, MEDUSA, MED GAIMS and MED PEARLS, previously implemented ENI CBC MED programme, the new platform will gather guidelines and information about various kinds of sustainable tourism, such as Cultural Tourism, Adventure Tourism, Gamification in Tourism, and Slow Tourism. While being very peculiar in their own traits, they all share the same values, from the caring of environment to the wellbeing of local communities.


The RESTART MED! sustainable platform is currently in the making and will soon be released, thanks to the active participation of all project’s partners. Meanwhile, please enjoy the other platforms already published by the above-mentioned projects:

  1. Slow tourism
  2. Gamification
  3. Adventure tourism
  4. Cultural tourism: 


Unveiling the new logo

A new visual identity and a brand-new logo have already been developed to celebrate the creation of the new platform: inspired by the original RESTART MED! design, the new logo wants to celebrate the Mediterranean colours and warmth and drive the reader towards the themes of sustainability and ecology. 

The LinkedIn group

That is not all. Together with the platform, we are about to launch a LinkedIn Group, where the Mediterranean community can share experiences, ideas, tools, and solutions for a common sustainable Mediterranean area. With the group we intend to gather a community of sustainable tourism actors and provide an open space for debate among professionals of different kinds.


The group is already open for new members. Please, join us today and stay tuned for all upcoming news and debates!