RESTART MED! delivered impactful sustainable tourism training in Spain


Catalonia (Spain) hosted 6 training sessions in 7 days during the months of April and May 2022. While four sessions took place online, three sessions were held in person, with a total of 104 attendees.

The training was mainly targeted at private organisations and civil society, but the topics also engaged the public sector. Considering all the attendees in each session, the training reached 56 private (54%), 36 public (35%) and 12 civil society (11%) attendees. The table below shows the total participants per session.

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Participants came from the four provinces of Catalonia (Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona) and from other parts of Spain (Zaragoza, Aragón and Oursense). The word cloud below shows the provinces of participants, the bigger, the most frequent.

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After each session, participants had to pass a test to get a certificate.

According to the participants, who were asked for a feedback on the training, the best rated session was “Sustainable tourism management and best practices” that took place on the outskirts of Barcelona and where participants could see practical examples.

Image removed.Overall, the RESTART MED! training was very successful not only due to the knowledge and capacity building the Catalan partners provided but also because around 20 participants joined the Catalan local RESTART MED! network after the training.

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