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RESMYLE organises a workshop on the valorization of the cultural identity and natural heritage in villages of Tyr Caza in Lebanon

The workshop will take place in “Beit El Mamlouk” in the heart of Tyre city (seen through the columned ruins of the Crusader Cathedral). The historical building was constructed in the 19th century and was rehabilitated in the 2010s by the Lebanese Ministry of Culture as the communal cultural center "Beit Al Medina".

The workshop "Valorization of the cultural identity and natural heritage in the villages of Tyr Caza” is coordinated by Association for the Development of Rural capacities (ADR) in Lebanon. Its main objective is to enhance the cultural identity and natural heritage of numerous villages of Tyr Caza, promoting and supporting ecotourism services. At the end of the camp the participants will create tourist itineraries that connect the main cultural sites and produce a vade-mecum that will be used as a tourist guide!

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