Projects SOLE and MAIA-TAQA will present their energy efficiency solutions in Egypt


Projects SOLE and MAIA TAQA, both cofinanced by ENI CBC MED, will present their energy efficiency solutions during a workshop which will take place on Feb.2nd 2023, 10.00 - 11.30 AM local time, at the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce.

The workshop, called "Promoting Innovative Energy Management Solutions in Egypt", aims to discuss the results of the MAIA TAQA pilot project at the Al Ameria Wholesale Market and the SOLE pilot project at the Alexandria University as models for PhotoVoltaic (PV) plant, battery installation and energy efficiency innovative technologies which could be easily replicated or adapted to other areas / buildings in Egypt.

The workshop will also shed light on and discuss relevant legal and policy issues for PV plant and battery usage in Egypt: it will be an important chance to discuss the way forward to implementing Egypt’ s Sustainable Development Goals.

It is still possible to register for participation here.