Pooling knowledge and skills: MENAWARA and the cluster of ENI CBC Med water and sanitation projects at the International Conference on Environmental Science & Technology CEST 2021


Solutions and technological approaches are not enough to increase water efficiency and encourage the use of unconventional water: it is essential to pool knowledge and skills.

This was the goal of the Special Session "Sustainable water management in the Mediterranean - Technological solutions, demonstration and deployment", organized by the Cluster of the five ENI CBC MED standard projects related to water and sanitation (AQUACYCLE, MEDISS, MENAWARA, PROSIM, NAWAMED), which was held virtually on 2nd September 2021 within the International Conference on Environmental Science & Technology CEST 2021
The session included presentations from on-going projects and research initiatives addressed to the same thematic area, exploring synergies on the basis of water sustainability values to assist progress, prosperity and good neighborliness in the Mediterranean area. 

MENAWARA participated with two oral presentations:
Fostering the non-conventional water re-use in agriculture in Mediterranean countries: the MENAWARA project by A. Carletti (Presenter), A.Paulotto, R. Khadra, I. Martin, K. Fahd, J. J. Salas, T. Arbasi, G. Pedron, T. Jaouadi, T. Chaabouni, N. Mazahrih.
Exploring the Living Lab approach for developing sustainable wastewater treatment and reuse systems in Mediterranean agriculture by R. Khadra (Presenter), G. Dragonetti, A. Paulotto, I. Martin, T. Arbasi, T. Jaouadi, N. Mazahreh, A. Balawneh, A. Carletti