Palestine: MEDSt@rts young beneficiaries learned new Customer Relationship Management strategies to make their businesses more competitive


On 25, 28 and 29 January Palestinian entrepreneurs supported by Leaders International participated in a cycle of web seminars dedicated to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which is the set of business processes and activities aimed at managing relationships with the customer portfolio in order to acquire, maintain and increase their value.

Promoted as part of the MEDSt@rts project, the 18 training hours aimed at giving young entrepreneurs the know-how needed to articulate their CRM strategies in building scalable and thriving businesses.

The training objectives were:

  • learn about the value of customer relationship strategy;
  • articulate their goals, strategies and identify their main milestones in the relationship management process;
  • analyze several features and benefits of different CRM systems;
  • develop tools to measure the success and the improvements of their relationship management actions.

The young participants expressed satisfaction with an initiative that developed new skills for their entrepreneurial paths in Palestine.