Palestine: discover Flower Land, a green business specialized in the production of rose flowers supported by GIMED


Meet Farah Barahma, a Palestinian entrepreneur and CEO of the project: Flowers Land. Farah holds a master's degree in law and economics, and a bachelor's degree in economic mathematics. With a background in administrative fields and teaching at universities, Farah applied to the EU-funded project GIMED to gain support for her start-up and was lucky enough to be selected for the program.

GIMED, under the ENI CBC Med Program, provides support to emerging start-ups in the Mediterranean markets, promoting economic growth and environmental sustainability. With the support of the GIMED program and the partnership of Leaders International, Farah was able to take her project, Flowers Land, to new heights.

Flowers Land is a specialized green farm located in Anza Village, south of the city of Jenin. The farm specialises in the production of rose flowers intended for picking and use in bouquet arrangements, wedding halls, and events. With a focus on sustainability and reducing the environmental impact, the farm utilizes treated water to provide potable water for other uses and also provides natural fertilizer through plant and food waste. The project not only provides beautiful flowers but also creates job opportunities for a number of unemployed youth in the area.

During the program, Farah attended training sessions, the key takeaways from the sessions were the technical knowledge on how to elaborate a green business plan and a green business model, how to better define the product and the target market, how to market the product, and how to conduct a SWOT analysis.

The sessions not only provided technical knowledge but also provided Farah with the opportunity to meet and engage with other entrepreneurs facing similar challenges. The opportunity to discuss challenges openly with a mentor's guidance was invaluable and something that Farah will remember and benefit from for a long time.

One of Farah's biggest accomplishments after setting up her company was expanding the project from a small area of 250 square meters with a few machines to a 500 square meter area. With aspirations to expand the project to new areas to cover the gap between supply and demand in the Palestinian market and to become a company that exports abroad, Farah and her team are working hard to make their dreams a reality.

However, the establishment of the project was not without challenges. Agricultural projects require thorough planning, and financial support especially plays a significant role in advancing the project and achieving goals in a shorter time. But with the support of GIMED, Farah was able to overcome these obstacles and continue to grow her business.

Remember that success is not always immediate, but persistence and determination will eventually pay off. Good luck.

In conclusion, Farah's experience with the ENI CBC MED program has been extremely helpful and enlightening. The support provided by GIMED through Leaders International has given Farah new skills, making her more competitive and innovative. Flowers Land is a project that not only provides beautiful flowers but also provides job opportunities and contributes to solving the problems that the environment faces.