ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM: Italy on the podium of quality alimentary products


Bologna, February 9, 2022 - A high potential market for our "Made in Italy" organic products: the UAE ranks third in the world for the expected growth of BIO, with an average annual sales rate of 13.3% for the next 3 years. These are the findings of the fourth ITA.BIO forum, the data and information platform for the internationalisation of "Made in Italy" organic products curated by Nomisma and promoted by ICE Agenzia and FederBio.

Results that are framed in a generally positive performance of organic agri-food exports: in 2021, the sales of Italian organic agri-food products on international markets reached almost 3 billion euros, recording a growth of 11% compared to the previous year. Recognition of organic food "Made in Italy" on international markets also testified by the long-term growth.

The perception of Emirati consumers regarding our food products is positive, so much so that Italy ranks third in the ranking of countries with higher quality food products. Even in the organic sector, we are on the podium: 11% of consumers think that organic products "Made in Italy" are better than those from other countries. Positioning is high in terms of perception, but the availability on the shelves is not high, therefore awareness of its distinctive features is low (35% of non-users "Made in Italy" organic products).

For these reasons, the product penetration rate for "Made in Italy" organic products is relatively low (8%), but Emiratis show a strong interest in Italian organic products: 82% would buy one of our organic products if they could find it in their usual shopping channels. The "undecided" would be encouraged to buy one of our organic products because of their nutritional properties and health benefits. Other levers for eco-friendly "Made in Italy" are certainly the detailed product information, such as the use in the kitchen and the information on the label. Price is a relevant factor for a quarter of consumers, however, 80% are willing to pay more for an organic product with the "Made in Italy" guarantee.

The food categories where organic quality and Italian character are a winning combination in the UAE are fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products and condiments (extra virgin olive oil and vinegar). Pasta is by far the organic product for which Italian origin is/ would be most important.

The future is organic: more than 1 in 2 Emiratis intend to increase attention to the health and quality of the food they eat. To this end, spending on organic products will increase for 48% of consumers.



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