ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM is looking for a translator: English --> Arabic and French


Description of the project and the job: 

Our mission is to foster prosperity in both shores of the Mediterranean Region through enhancing meaningful connections in the organic agro-food sector. To reach out to more people we need to translate our communications into Arabic and French. 

We are looking for a flexible professional who feels passionate about our mission!

Total contract value: 1,500.00 € 

Hourly rate: can not exceed 10€ per hour

Duration: Until February 2021

Breakdown on the estimations of the work:

Number of words

$ (time)


Less than 250

30 min

Within 24h

From 300 to 500 words

1 hour

Within 24h

From 500 to 800 words

1h 30 minutes

Within 48h

From 800 to 1200 words

2h 30 minutes

Within 62h

From 1200 to 1700 words

3 hours 30 minutes

Within 62h 


Type of content needed for translation:

Translations materials will vary depending on the project needs. For example:

  • Publication on social media 
  • Translation of vouchers, posters and other printed materials
  • Publications on the website, ex.: article or essay


  • Communications will be in English and via email, whatsapp or phone call depending on the situation.
  • Translations needed will be provided by the Organisation in digital format via email or Google Drive. The translations are expected to be received in the timeframe stated in the table above. 

Budget and contract value: 

The contract assigned has a fixed and close value of 1,500€ in total. The organisation will demand from the translator the translations needed and they will be invoiced according to the table above. 

    Eligibility criteria:

    • The applicant (self-employed or company) must be registered to RETA (Social Security) and pay social security contributions and withhold and pay income tax from the beginning of the employment relationship.
    • The applicant (self-employed or company) must have a bank account.


    Contact info: For more info do not hesitate to contact

    Deadline: 16th of July 2020, at 12:00 pm CET

    How to apply: Send your CV and recommendation letters to 

    Women in MED are highly encourage to apply!