ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM developed tools to expand organic agricultural in the Mediterranean region



The final conference of ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM took place from the 17th to the 19th of July 2023 in the beautiful island of Zante, Greece.

Organized and hosted by INNOPOLIS, Greek partner of the project, under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture of Jordan, Lead Beneficiary of the project. This conference brought together +50 representatives from the partner countries to discuss and exchange ideas about the sector of organic agriculture in the Mediterranean region.

The Conference counted on the presence of various Ministries of Agriculture, particularly the organic agriculture sections of Jordan, Greece, Lebanon, and the Puglia region in Italy. This conference provided them an opportunity to present their strategic plans, share best practices and express their commitment to continue strengthening the sector across the region. Esmat Karadsheh, ENI CBC MED coordinator of the Eastern Mediterranean Branch Office , attended the event as representative of the programme.

In addition to the institutional representatives, more than 12 companies from the partner countries participated in the final conference. This three-day event was a valuable platform for them to network, exchange knowledge, and sign several cross-border “Business Alliances” between them, which set up the path for further collaborations. While the partners of the project maintained several discussion revolving around expanding the project's scope with enhanced activities and enriching our future goals. As part of the field trip included on the conference’s program, the attendees had the chance to visit an organic farm specialized in olive oil, wine and cosmetics.

The importance of projects like ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM was extensively discussed by all the project stakeholders from Jordan, Lebanon, Italy, Greece, Spain and Egypt. Especially the key role of the private sector as a driver to advance and scale the organic agriculture sector.

We were pleased to have the IONIAN TV and Zante Times present at the conference, providing media coverage of the event. Their presence helped raise awareness and promote the significance of the ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM project.

While the conference was primarily focused on work and discussions, there was also time for meaningful cultural exchanges and bonding between the delegations. The attendees enjoyed the opportunity to engage in gift exchanges, olive oil tasting, and cross-border cultural interactions.

The final conference of the ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM project in Zante, Greece was an immense success, bringing together key players from various sectors to strengthen the organic agriculture sector. We are proud of the achievements and collaboration that took place during this event, and we invite you to explore our website further to learn more about our project and its impact.


Here are some of the outcomes you can start benefiting from:

  1. What is ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM? A project that aims at strengthening the organic sector in the Mediterranean by building alliances between private and public actors among the four pilot countries: Jordan, Lebanon, Italy and Greece.

  2. Who are we working with to achieve this goal? Ministries of agriculture, Chambers of Commerce, Academic Institutions, Civil Society Organisations, and Small and Medium Enterprises.

  3. List of benefits useful for the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and its members:

    1. Technical Assistance platform: We put at your disposal a pool of experts to help farmers and operators, transition to, market and certificate their organic products. These consultants provide services including on-site visits and online requests for FREE. Only available in Jordan, Lebanon, Western Greece and Puglia (Italy).

    2. “Organic Agriculture Prospects In The Mediterranean Region” this document, seeks to provide an analysis of the organic sector in partner countries, considering the perspectives of various stakeholders, including the private sector. The data gathered is the latest of any published document until today.

    3. Network’s Booklet with information and contact details of the participating partners and SMEs that currently composed the “Mediterranean Alliance for Organic Agriculture in the Mediterranean”.


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