ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM: 360º online training for competent authorities on organic agriculture


ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM project held a five-days online training for Competent Authorities. The institution responsible to carry out this activity was the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (CIHEAM) project partner with extensive expertise in this matter and the subjects were taught by top organic-food enthusiasts and experts.

This course aimed at building capacities of Competent Authorities’ staff to empower and back up the skills necessary to ensure surveillance and build trust, develop support policies and subsidies to operators and MSMEs across the Mediterranean region. 

Day 1

  • Organic agriculture management system from the Competent Authority perspective
  • Successful story: Biobank 
  • Observatory for the management and development of the organic sector

Day 2

  • How to build an effective marketing and communication plan in the agro-food sector?

Day 3

  • How to derive a Business plan? 

Day 4

  • Design thinking and Open innovation in the food sector 
  • European innovation and partnerships 

Day 5

  • Policymaking around CAP, Agenda 2030 and WTO and donors World Bank, EU Commission, FAO, IPAD, WFP 
  • Tender or calls for investments: drafting and publication 

After every session, there was time to answer questions and open cross-border debates among the attendees, which were the Ministries of Agriculture of Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia, as well as other competent authorities and key stakeholders in the territories where ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM project is being implemented. 

The training materials and sessions were distributed among attendees and key lessons learned were posted in the project communication channels to share and transfer the knowledge across target groups interested in this matter. 

We are confident to say that this training served as a first step to better understand the organic agro-food sector in the region from a holistic perspective. Yet, it sets the ground for a common path towards the Mediterranean organic ecosystem.


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