SIRCLES: creating new employment opportunities in the circular economy sector

Description and objectives

The aim of the SIRCLES sub-grant is to sustain and enlarge the SIRCLES ecosystem, providing support to new or existing organisations (i.e., social enterprises and cooperatives) involving NEET & Women and willing to replicate/improve SIRCLES circular business models as their core entrepreneurial activity.

Potential beneficiaries

New or existing organisations (i.e., cooperatives and social enterprises), in particular those involving NEET and women, in SIRCLES 7 partner countries, whose core entrepreneurial activity is to promote sustainable biowaste management practices with a circular economy perspective.

Total budget available

EUR 140.000

Number of sub-grants and breakdown by country

7 subgrants, EUR 20.000 each, 1 per each partner country (still to be decided)

Actions to be carried out with the sub-grants

Small scale investments and covering running costs to support entrepreneurial activities concerning the sustainable biowaste management following a circular economy perspective, such as the collection of biowaste and the production and selling of organic compost in a circular economy fashion. Foreseen eligible costs:
-    Human resources directly related to the proposed entrepreneurial project
-    Business & Technical support services to support business performance and to enhance social/environmental impact 
-    Small scale investments in equipment, machinery, IT facilities needed to scale up 
-    Visibility costs: i.e. brand design, promotional materials, marketing 
-    Rent of office, workplace or warehouse project 
-    Cost of enterprise registration and intellectual property rights 

Selection criteria and award procedure

The overall process of the subgrants (outreach, call for subgrants, selection, award and contracting, implementation, reporting) will be managed at national level in each SIRCLES partner countries following ENI CBC MED rules and procedures. 
All partners will appoint their own evaluation committee albeit following SIRCLES common selection methods and evaluation criteria. The former will follow specific and common eligibility requirements, while the latter will focus on the relevance, innovation, impact , economic, environmental and social sustainability, feasibility and quality and accuracy of the applications. Candidate applicants identified at national level as having the highest evaluation scores will be awarded the subgrants prior collective approval form SIRCLES Steering Committee. 

Tenative calendar

The outreach activities for the publicity of the call are planned to start in April 2022, while the call is foreseen to be opened in June 2022 for a total of 30 days.
The selection, award and contracting phases are expected to be carried out in July until August/September 2022, leaving at least 6 months implementation time for subgrantees. 


Jesus Maestro Garcia
Agència de Residus de Catalunya
SIRCLES Project Manager
phone:  0034 93 567 33 00