MoreThanAJob: supporting social and solidarity economy organizations


The MoreThanAJob project is going to organize open calls for sub-grants to support 10 Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) entities that will present work plans for the implementation of social services schemes, These work plans will be focused on one of the 3 following priorities of the project. 

Priority 01: Social service delivery is increasingly responsive, and generates greater social stability and livelihood outcomes, based on the needs of host, refugee and immigrants’ populations (better health care, decent work, reduced inequalities, and better quality of education for children).

Priority 02: Social and Solidarity Economy is progressively growing and provides greater local economic development opportunities for the most vulnerable community members.

Priority 03: Education System is dynamically adaptive to market needs and allows greater access to innovative and agile technical education and vocational training programmes, targeting different levels of education including un-educated population.

The framework will be adapted to the specific characteristics and contexts of the MoreThanAJob targeted areas. Guidelines for the pilot implementation of those best practices in partner countries will also be delivered. Some expected actions to be carried out are train-the-trainer cross-border workshops, targeting SSE actors and public administration officials.

Potential beneficiaries

All private enterprises that qualify as social and solidarity economy actors are eligible for applying.

Total available budget

200.000 €

Number of sub-grants and breakdown by country

20 k€ to each of the 10 best SSE actor proposals in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Italy and Greece 

Actions to be carried out with the sub-grants

The proposals should further put in practice the application and uptake of the best practices selected in the project. SSE entities will be awarded for the implementation of social services schemes. These services will create at least 100 new jobs in each country.

Selection criteria and award procedure

The consortium will publish one open call that will grant 20.000€ to each of the 10 best SSE proposals aiming at the implementation of the MoreThanAJob framework in the target regions. All private enterprises that qualify as Social and solidarity economy (SSE) actors are eligible for applying.

Two evaluators will evaluate each proposal enabling selection of top 20 proposals, which will undergo an online-interview to understand project concept, team skills and willingness to exploit results. Two external evaluators and one MoreThanAJob member will carry out the interviews. 

After online-interviews, the SC will have an online-meeting and have a final consensus on the selection of the projects to be supported and financed. Recruitment of external evaluators will be done considering their expertise & evaluation experience.

Tentative calendar

March-May 2021


Mrs. Fadia Hashaika – An-Najah National University
Project Communication manager 
Nablus-West Bank 
Tel: 0097092345113